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1. Error 'JAVA_HOME variable is not correctly set'

You need to set the JAVA_HOME environment variable to the path where you've installed the jdk1.4.0. This is a common requirement for java programs.
To do it on windows, open the windows control panel, double click on the "system" icon and select the "advanced" tab. Then click on the bottom left button ("environment variables") to open the environment variables editor.You then just have to create a new environment variable (button "new") with the name JAVA_HOME, and set its value to your jdk1.4.0 installation path (for instance: C:/j2se_1.4.0).
To do it on linux, if your jdk installation path is /usr/j2se_1.4.0, simply type in a shell (xterm or whatever)
export JAVA_HOME=/usr/j2se_1.4.0
Asked by Noaf Al-Malood (nouf141)


2. Slow loading, overall sluggishness & random temporary freezes

Some bad Java URL handling code. Patched in 0.4.2 thx to Yann Coupin.
Asked by Bombjack (Björn) & Yann Coupin (bibi-pov)


3. What is the execution classpath ?

MediaLib's classpath needs
  • the classes directory OR lib/medialib.jar
  • the resources directory (user customizable icons & preferences)
And java.library.path needs to be set to the lib directory.
So, the next shell command works on windows:
[path to jdk1.4]\bin\java -classpath [path to medialib install]\lib\medialib.jar;[path to ml install]\resources;[path to jdk1.4]\jre\lib\rt.jar -Djava.library.path=[path to ml install]\lib medialib.gui.MediLibrary
Asked by Jean-Marc Spaggiari (jmspaggi) Logo

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